Exhibition of works in the 1st "Hu Family Culture" Calligraphy, Painting, Poetry and Photography Invitational Competition

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Summary:In order to promote, excavate and develop the Hu culture, and promote the exchange of excellent works of Hu’


In order to promote, excavate and develop the Hu culture, and promote the exchange of Hu’s calligraphy, poetry, poetry and photography, the Hu’s Cultural Development Committee held the first

   Calligraphy, Painting, Poetry and Photography Invitational. The event received the enthusiastic support and active participation of Xian Da and Hu's clan members at home and abroad, and contributed articles to the event.

   Here is a selection of selected works to be published here for the sake of everyone. Due to the limited space, I cannot show all of them. I apologize. I also hope that your clan members will reach out

   Continue to send excellent works so that enough works are compiled into a book. The awards will be held soon, so stay tuned!


Former Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee

Gift from Hu Deping

Former Governor of Fujian Province, Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, Director of the Special Administrative Region Office of the State Council

Hu Ping gift

Member of the 12th CPPCC National Committee

Member of the Party Leadership Group of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and full-time vice chairman

Vice President of China Private Chamber of Commerce

President of China Private (Private) Economic Research Association

Zhuang Congsheng's question

Chairman of Chinese Calligraphers Association

Vice President of the Central State Organs Branch of the Chinese Calligraphers Association

Vice President of Cultural Relics Publishing House

Gift from Su Shishu

CPPCC National Committee

Vice Chairman of Chinese Calligraphers Association

Vice Chairman of China Literary Volunteer Association

Gift from Zhao Changqing


Professor, School of Humanities, Zhejiang Normal University

Master Instructor

Gift from Gao Yuhai

Famous contemporary Chinese calligrapher

Executive Vice President of Beijing Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Association

President of Chinese Academy of Sciences Calligraphy Association

Cui Chengshun

Dean of Beijing Huiyuan Painting and Calligraphy Academy

Member of Chinese Calligraphers Association

Director of Editorial Board of "World Hu Family Genealogy"

Executive Director of the Painting and Calligraphy Expert Committee of the World Hu Clan Association

Gift from Hu Jianxiong

Former Deputy Minister and Major General of the Infrastructure Barracks Department of the General Logistics Department

Current Vice President of China General Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute

Presented by Chen Zaibing


Vice Chairman of Chinese Art Society

Vice President of Fujian Sculpture Artists Association

Consultant of Jiangxi General Painting and Calligraphy Academy

Member of Chinese Calligraphers Association

Gift from Wang Yinmao

Director of Literature and Art Department of "People's Daily"

Director of Chinese Calligraphers Association

Director of China Artists Association

Presented by Liang Yonglin

President of China Calligraphy News

Master tutor in calligraphy

Member of the Publishing Committee of the Chinese Calligraphers Association

Professor of Training Center of Chinese Calligraphers Association

Gift from Li Shijun

Director of Chinese Calligraphers Association

Member of Professional Committee of Chinese Calligraphers Association, Professor of Training Center

Vice Chairman of Liaoning Province Calligraphers Association

Gift by Zhang Shigang

President of the Hu Clan Association of Fujian Province

Hu Xinxuan Questions



President Hu Lianrong's Letter

Song Dynasty Emperor Zanyimen Hu's Poems


Song Zhenzong:

The Yellow River has seen the Qing Dynasty several times, which is rare in the world.

Thousands of miles Zhuban welcomes five horses, and a yellow list accounts for three.

Wen Xing went to Jin Que last night, and Rui Ri now supports our court.

The favorite champion and second place, Tanhua Ju is the brother and brother.

The article Hua Shangguo, Xiaoyi watched the door.

Shi Mu Tang Yuhua, family biography Zou Lugui.

A history of three thorns, four generations and five books.

He hasn't heard of it, and I only see Hu today.

Song Yingzong:

Imperial Treasure seals to Ru Cai,

Yu Luen sighed deeply.

The scenery of Shangguo returns to his hometown,

The watch door is bestowed for nine days.


Song Xiaozong:

I personally wrote Can Jinxia,

Full of official posts all over the world.

The name will last forever,

The home of the prime minister of Qing Yan Qianqiu.

Selected works

(The following works are displayed in no particular order)

(The following works are displayed in no particular order)

Chairman Zan Lianrong

Hu Yingxi Wen

Spring is beautiful in April,

Family members gather in Fengxin.

The talent bears the hope of the public,

The head of the Hu family.

Morning in the White Tower River Hu Zhiming / Photography

Boatman's Little Sister Hu Zhiming / Photography

Hu Weibo

East Asian sleeping lion Xin awakens, who is in charge of the universe today.

The descendant of Yan and Huang is the leader, and the descendant of Stability is Fenglin.

The ancestors made a fortune, and the descendants took over Lai Chuanxin.

Zonggong is great and graceful, and Deze will live forever.

Hu Weibo Poetry and Prose Yu Jianqiang Calligraphy

Family rise

Hu Zhenchao

The Hujia Shenghui is unprecedented,

Clan member Ding Daidaiyan.

Don’t panic when you have food at home,

The elites of the clan are not short of money.

The famous family has been upright since ancient times,

The full moon prefers sixteen yuan.

Common things,

Up and down like a string.

Build a new world in the future,

Kung Fu is unique and I take the lead.

Pursue dreams based on the status quo,

The industry is good at composing new chapters diligently.

The glorious career passes through the ages,

Correct the hem of the coat by looking in the mirror.

Gorgeous and rich if long,

Drunk in summer, spring, autumn and winter.

Hu Xinxuan Calligraphy

Hualin Festival

Hu Baosen

Fengyuyi Fengxin, Deping worships Hualin.

Feeling for Gongqingcheng, bowing to think of father.

Hua Yan presented a dark horse, and Lian Rong took over the important task.

Since it gave the world affairs, the Hu family is close.

Hu Jie calligraphy

Feelings of Chanting "Genealogy"

Hu Gang Wen

In a harmonious society, the ancestors are sought, and the children and grandchildren of the ancient moon are distinct.

Tan Jiu Sizhong held up the rudder and Hualin Wisdom took the lead.

The demeanor of the famous family is far-reaching, and the poems and paintings trace the origin of the family.

Huacai has been working hard to revitalize its performance.

Hu Qingsong Calligraphy

Hualin Poetry Society

Hu Gang Wen

Wujiang's light music is full of charm and charm.

The beautiful poetry is hometown elegant, and the small town is full of books.

Hualin association inherits the treasure, five horses neigh and vibrate the sang.

Guyue Jinhui has a clear reputation, and the wind will laugh at the wine.

Hu Jingyuan Calligraphy

Zanhu Cultural Development Committee

(Seven Lv Ping Shui Rhyme)

Hu Fuyou

The ancient moon has a wide humanistic territory, and the name label counts ten plus three.

Cheng Jindian Shihong Xianye, for the jade Tao Tao ancestor worship.

Suddenly, I saw the green dragon go through the canyon, and the giant python swung around Botan.

Wuhua Tianbao warms the spring breeze, and the heroic spirit is purple.

Hu Shulin Calligraphy

Tracing back to the family tradition

(Seven Lv Chinese New Rhyme)

Hu Fuyou

Hualin Academy has a reputation for Humen, and became famous in history.

After the beginning, the new generation will be the first to succeed, and the future will be born.

Respect and respect the virtuous and respect the family, practice martial arts and practice Wendong in vain.

If you wait for the talents and virtues to fix good things, the great cause of China is dreaming.

Hu Wuyun Poetry and Prose Hu Jun Calligraphy

A poem

Hu Chunsen

The long stream gathers the sea and the sky,

There are purple clouds in the forest,

Teach people to discipline themselves,

Cultivating talents and accumulating virtue and boundless power

The foundation of prospering a nation,

My Chinese is as green as pine!

Hu Caichun Chinese Painting

Guangzong Yaozu

Hu Guangfeng

The ancient times are foggy, hazy and chaotic.

Xuanyuan led the way forward, and Emperor Shun enlightened later generations to follow.

He was surnamed Hu Gongchuan clan, and his descendants were Huilimin.

Descendants work together to inherit from their ancestors and grow and flourish from generation to generation.

Hu Jinquan calligraphy

The highest building Hu Jiasong

Hu Jianyu Wen

Yin family tree, generations are good Rongchang, Huan Yu Yanming Lang.

The ancestor Chen Hu opened his foundation, and all the sages lied to the Huatang.

Take fame, act moral and righteous, filial piety and stay incense.

In the new era, we inherit ancient history.

Further development, prosperity and prosperity.

Diligently build dreams, and write a chapter.

The colorful world of Dove, the famous mansion is actually powerful.

Look at Merry, only Gu Yue, the most sophisticated.

Hu Jinbiao Calligraphy

Painting Hall of Spring Mingde Hu Family

Hu Jianyu Wen

Mingde gathers in Huanxiang in February, and the Hu family is full of events.

The pulse person sings Gongfang sincerely and stays incense for one session.

Looking at the clan career, the tribes are brilliant.

To be a handsome man again in the coming year will be prosperous for a long time.

Note: On February 23, 2019, the first fifth full council (enlarged) meeting of the Hu Clan Association of Huichang County was held in the Hu Mingde Hall of Huichang County. I would like to congratulate you!

Hu Jianrong calligraphy

Participate in the "Belt and Road" Development Forum

Cum the 3rd World Hu Family


By Hu Juhuan

All directions gathered in Huidong City, bloody and bloody.

History Hechang clan fan, the end of the world pays attention to family affection.

Wuzhou joins hands to seek common progress, and the whole world spreads spring competition and win-win.

The new realm of Fan Ying camel bell, the scenery leads the way.

Calligraphy by Hu Lingzhi

The Hu Family Ancestral Hall of Yancun Historic Site

Hu Jianming

The house of Shangshu educated Liangxian and walked out of the temple to look at the rice fields.

The streams are rich in five grains, and the branches and leaves of the clan have grown for thousands of years.

The origin and stability of the family, the ancestors have the whole family of Nanchang.

The poems and rituals open up and respect forever, remembering the legacy of a new chapter.

Hu Qinghua Calligraphy

Clan friends and more friendship

Hu Jianming

Jikai was re-established in the Northern Song dynasty.

Shiyan Feiyun sunny with rain, clear streams, waterfalls, mist and wind.

Inheriting poems and rituals to revitalize the ancestral line, good fortune yin and yang receive ancestral power.

Brothers from the patriarchal clan often like to get together and burn incense to worship thirteen people.

Hu Quanhong Calligraphy

Participated in the third Hu clan


Hu Hongjin

Hu family in the world,

The blood is connected with Chinese love.

Shun ancestry Zongxian gathered in Guangdong,

Unite and join hands to create brilliant.

Hu Shichao calligraphy

Huanxisha·Honor Restaurant

By Hu Xianfeng

Zhu Lian Jiaoyan passed by the restaurant, red flowers and green leaves were blowing in the wrong wind. Qulan oblique shadow into the sparkling waves.

A floating skirt with Yingge, a few times of autumn rain and blue lotus. Cups are intertwined and people are happy.

Hu Guangcheng calligraphy

Nan Gezi Song Hualin

By Hu Xianfeng

Hundreds of miles and far away, rugged roads with potholes, a few ying sings of love. Red maple fluttering again, in the end of the world.

The white dew harvests the residual heat, the breeze turns the clouds, and the lotus blossoms on the green willow bank. I remember Xueer, and everyone praised.

Note: ① Hu Xueer, held a peasant uprising in Hualinzhai. He was one of the leaders of the uprising.

Hu Cheng Chinese Painting

Sichuan Hu Family Culture

Wen Liu will feel

Hu Liangrong


The spring breeze blows the green flowers and flourishes, Tianfu Humen Jujin City.

The family rules are passed down for generations, singing and laughing and talking about family affection.


The scrolling spectrum butterfly exhibition hall, there are sages standing by.

Xun Yi inherits a good family ride, and opens the century again and again.

Hu Xue German Painting

Ode to "The Gate of Filial Piety"

Hu Ruoxu

Yangyang Huaxia, towering China,

With a long history, Hu's wonderful work!

The first ancestor of the man, the king of Wu Ma;

Help the Han to quell chaos, and the king of Anding County;

Shitang Anbang, hardworking and flawless;

The ninth living food, harmony is added;

Prison criminals, selfless Hujia;

Emperor Ming of the Tang Dynasty, honorable mention:

The gate of filial piety, glory for generations!

The gate of filial piety, glory for generations!

Hu Debao Chinese Painting

Zhanhualin Academy

Hu Wuyun

Zhong Ling Tiandi Yu Yinghua,

Visits to the academy are increasingly oblique.

Hu explored the ancestral road,

Promote filial piety and praise the world.

Hood clothing calligraphy

Eight Tones of Ganzhou · Shou Hu Lian Rongjun (New Rhyme)

Hu Pingqiu Wen

Fortunately, Hu Lang holds a pen above the clouds, and the spring breeze is boundless.

Even more popular, hardworking and elegant, is that a bit idle?

As a gift to the clan, the peach and plum also said together.

Try to sew clouds and cracks by hand, and be brave and loyal to the liver.

Dancing with the king for birthday, praise the wind and the generosity, the courtyard surrounds Zhilan.

Sigh the article's virtue and honor.

Show the economy, benevolence is like wine, has won, the Hu family is full of joy.

Fame and fame, Wannian genealogy, a generation of scholars.

Hu Yangfan Chinese Painting

Visit Siyang Clan

Hu Dongming

I often say that Taoyuan is a good clan family, and it is difficult to express the blessing poems.

The intestines are always in the cloud and water, and the stomach is left in the lungs.

The joyous period is like childhood, and the body looks like Nanyuesong.

Together support the mountains and rivers, and sing Chunhong every year and today.

Hu Yong Calligraphy

Yuan Gong praise

Hu Junshuangwen

An Dingxian is open to the public, and this life is only for educating people.

The name of peach and plum holding hands is always prosperous, and the achievements of vigorous stepping are not declining.

The Ninth Academy of scholarly fans and elegant paths, ten years of blood and dust.

There is no need to guess if the mind is a good one.

Hu Yuhua calligraphy

Hu's Song

Hu Chaozheng

The ancestor Dezong has made great contributions to encourage his descendants, and China has deep roots.

Anbang is a heroic spirit, dedicated to work and a splendid heart.

The pine trees and plum blossoms in the mountains are beautiful and ancient moon, and the peaches and plums of fertile land are beautiful this spring.

As we forge ahead into the new era, our liver and gallbladder are still shining.

Hu Jianyu Calligraphy

Huigaogou folks

Hu Zhigang

Gaogou will go to visit his clan,

A vein of red is better than thick water.

The rivers are always mighty,

Just because the tribes share the same.

Hu Shili Chinese Painting

Partridge Heaven · Visit Siyang Clan

Hu Shuangfei

At the end of the year, the family members of Taoyuan congregation are more affectionate than wine.

Italian Yang Guangsha gathers together today, and Yihou builds dragons frequently.

Hold the cup high, pour the wine again. Talking freely is my family,

I borrowed a pot of nectar to talk back, warming my heart in the new year.

Hu Zhongsheng Chinese Painting

Anxi Hu Yunbao

Won the provincial "Most Beautiful Funder" award

Hu Juda Wen

The elders have retired, and they have a heart to alleviate poverty.

Guan Gong spent the remaining heat on his appointment to fund the development of operations.

Fengyi's poor family knows the bottom line, and the students from Quancheng have a good time.

The country’s grand plan and talent cultivation, outstanding meritorious deeds.

Hu Zhongzhi Calligraphy

Beard flat calligraphy

Hu Huzhou Calligraphy

Hu Xuze Calligraphy

Hu Changhua calligraphy

Hu Zhengzhong Calligraphy

Hu Hailong Calligraphy

Hu Baocheng Chinese Painting

Hu Yongwu calligraphy

Hu Shengwei calligraphy

Hu Yongxin Chinese Painting

Xiang Hu Yan / Photography

Hunan Modern Flower Drum Opera "The Yaobang Brothers" Hu Yongkui / Photography

The 6th Friendship Association of Wenzhou Hu Clan Hu Gongtang / Photography