Forging a Hundred Years Honorary Brand "Honor" Dream Flower Blooms--Mr. Hu Lianrong,

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Summary: In order to dig deeper into influential figures who have made outstanding

  In order to dig deeper into influential figures who have made outstanding contributions to Chinese brands, further stimulate the enthusiasm of Chinese corporate brand development, guide the new direction of Chinese brand development, promote Chinese brands into a new era of brand ecological development, and help build a brand power. On the 70th anniversary, the "2019 China Brand Development Summit Forum and China Brand Character Summit" co-sponsored by China Business Magazine, China Development Network, and China Brand Research Center of Capital University of Economics and Business will be held from May 25th to 26th, 2019. Day was grandly held in Beijing. Recommended by various professional media, authoritative organizations and industry authorities, and strictly reviewed by the organizing committee, Hu Lianrong, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Honor International Group, was shortlisted as "Chinese Brand Person of the Year".


In the land of Bamin, no one knows when it comes to honor hotels. Speaking of the name "Honor Hotel", people will praise her with various words such as "Honor Speed", "Honor Phenomenon" and "Honor Mode". Since its establishment 18 years ago, under the leadership of the "head" Hu Lianrong, Honor International Group has carefully built the "Honorary Catering Aircraft Carrier" with the spirit of "dare to be the first in the world" and has become a leader in the catering and hotel industry in Fujian. The leader, a whirlwind of honor has blown across the province. In 2010, Honor Group launched the "Honorary Catering Aircraft Carrier" into the capital, Beijing, and successfully achieved a new leap in the honor brand strategy from regional to national. Now, 8 years later, Honor Group already owns more than 20 chain brand stores, and is expanding at a more stable rate to continue to develop new chain stores.

   Today, Honor International Group has developed into a large-scale chain operation enterprise integrating hotel, equity investment, commercial trade, ecological agriculture, education industry, and real estate development. Since its establishment, the brand has expanded its chain operations mainly in the catering and hotel service industries. In 2006, it began to invest in diversified operations in other fields. At present, the group has a hotel business department, a real estate development department, a multi-business industry department, and an education industry department. Four major sectors, business involving more than ten provinces and cities across the country. The industry under the honor brand is blooming everywhere, and the century-old brand dream of honor is thriving.


The dream of honor starts from Jinjiang, and Yizhihua leads Bamin

   The spring breeze of reform and opening up has driven economic development, and has also brought vitality to the catering industry. In 2001, Hu Lianrong, chairman of the Honor Group, seized this opportunity and founded Jinjiang Honor Seafood Restaurant, starting the journey of a century-old honor brand dream. After 17 years of development, Honor Group has opened more than 20 chain hotels in Fuzhou, Pingtan, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Jinjiang, Shishi, Yongchun, Longyan, Zhangzhou, Beijing, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other places, with more than 15,000 employees.

  As the "main business project" of the Honor Group, the hotel business department has always focused on the promotion of catering and hotel brands, and promoted the development of related industries with first-class catering and hotel brand images. From the beginning of its establishment, Hu Lianrong has gradually established the "ten advantages" leading the industry, from the advantages of top chefs, classic cuisine, leisure environment, star management, to intimate service, health and safety, and intelligent The advantages of the super-large assembly line kitchen, and then to the assured food, corporate culture and brand strategy, etc., in a short time, honorary catering has become popular in the catering industry in Fujian. Hu Manrong, president of the Group’s culinary affairs, was accepted as a disciple of the world’s imperial chef Yang Guanyi, and successively won “China’s Top Ten Famous Chefs”, “Asia’s Top Ten Chefs”, “CCTV's “Man Han Banquet” Championship for three consecutive times” and “Fujian Fujian Cuisine Master” "Chinese Cooking Master", "Chinese Abalone Master" and other honorary titles, and led his disciples to participate in cooking competitions across the country to win more than 100 gold, silver, and bronze medals.

The group has successively won the famous Chinese trademark, the well-known enterprise name of Fujian Province, the national special-grade restaurant, the Chinese abalone famous restaurant, the international catering famous restaurant, China's top ten catering chain brands, the Chinese catering service brand enterprise, the national outstanding catering enterprise, the Chinese gold leaf green hotel, Many honors such as members of the World Golden Key Hotel Alliance have been named "National Security Demonstration Unit" for many years.

  With "honor" in mind, the road of casting brand

How did a Jinjiang-born hotel brand go from a small southeast coastal town to the whole country? How did it go from a new hotel brand to the whole country in just over ten years, and grow into a "China Famous Brand"? This is Because Hu Lianrong's dream of "becoming an international hotel brand with Chinese characteristics" is deep in his heart, from the day when the "honor" brand began his journey, Hu Lianrong planned in his heart:

  Brand development takes place step by step, and the first thing to bear is the establishment of the brand. In the first three years of brand building, the honor was based on service quality and food reputation as a breakthrough point, and gradually gained consumer recognition, and the restaurant business was full year after year.

   In 2004, the Shishi Hotel, the first four-star hotel owned by Honor, opened, and the brand development rose to a new level. At this time, honor began to focus on the construction of brand culture, and put forward the slogan of "feeling honor, first honor".

   In 2008, the honorary first five-star hotel Jinjiang Honor International Hotel opened, and the honorary brand entered a period of improvement. "Five-star service, mass consumption", Honor opens up the new connotation of Honor brand with high-quality service without threshold. Since then, the honor has gathered previous experience, concentrated the group's best floor and logistics talents and other advantageous resources, continuously summarized and used them, and started the three-level jump of brand chain management, from Shishi, Jinjiang to Quanzhou, from Fuzhou to Xiamen, from Pingtan to Longyan... We made breakthroughs one store by store and adapted measures to local conditions. By fusing local eating habits, we created gourmet cuisine that was in line with local habits and unique honors, thus achieving the brand development goal of "based on Fujian".

   In 2009, the honor brand developed rapidly, taking the first step towards the whole country, Jiangxi Fuzhou Honor International Hotel opened. As the first five-star hotel in his hometown of Fuzhou, Mr. Hu Lianrong hopes to bring the advanced hotel experience from the coast to the inland with a deep heart, and to move towards the whole country. Also in this year, the honor moved to Beijing. The opening of Beijing Honor Seafood Restaurant West Railway Station made a substantial leap in Honor’s brand strategy of "layout across the country". Since then, Honor aimed at the Yangtze River Delta, with Cixi in Zhejiang as the leader, and started a brand strategy radiating to the Yangtze River Delta......

In this way, step by step, Mr. Hu Lianrong led the honorary person to realize the strategic goal of brand development little by little with his unique vision. Not only did he win the dazzling crown of "China Well-known Trademark", he also moved the "Honorable Brand" to the direction of a century-old brand. Work hard.

   Carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and build a century-old brand

  Yes, the dream of Honor Man is to "be an international hotel brand with Chinese characteristics and a century-old store". As early as 2008, Hu Lianrong put forward the brand strategy idea of ​​being a "hundred-year-old shop". He said that the future goal of the "Honor" brand is to develop into a national and even global large-scale high-end hotel chain like an international brand. Honor will build an international hotel brand with Chinese characteristics and a century-old store.

   If any industry wants to develop in the long term, it must adhere to an open learning spirit, and at the same time, it must have its own corporate culture, and use the craftsman spirit to persist in doing it for a long time in order to maintain its foundation. Over the years, Honor has forged a team of rich craftsmen who focus on production, are good at taking advantage of the situation, have a clear positioning, and dare to integrate through efficient execution, the core corporate culture and talent reserve of "store as home", and the principle of focusing on food production. Spiritual team. With the help of this team, the honor brand will continue to innovate management methods, seize opportunities, diligently cultivate internal skills, develop with great concentration, accumulate and develop, continuously enhance the value of honor brand, build an excellent Chinese national hotel brand, continue to stimulate corporate innovation and creativity, and cultivate corporate craftsmanship , To realize the strategic goal of Honor Group to build "100 branches, tens of billions of industries, and a century-old brand".

  Hu Lianrong believes that a brand should include quality, taste, morality and character. If the great achievement of honor in business is the manifestation of quality and taste, then the performance in the field of public welfare is undoubtedly the deduction of morality and character. In recent years, while achieving good economic benefits, Honor Group has not forgotten to give back to the society. Over the years, it has adhered to the construction and development of social welfare undertakings. The total number of donations in cultural and educational, sports, disabled people, poverty alleviation and disaster relief and other social welfare undertakings Has reached more than 10 million yuan, sponsored many large-scale cultural and sports events, established a good social image, was praised by all walks of life, and became one of the corporate representatives with social responsibility.

   Candidate Profile


Hu Lianrong, male, from Linchuan, Jiangxi, was born on April 25, 1967 and graduated from Fuzhou Art School. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Honor International Group, Member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, Executive Vice President of Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, President of Fujian Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, Founding Chairman of Hong Kong Jiangxi Association of Societies, Permanent Honorary President of Quanzhou Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, Shishi City Vice Chairman of Calligraphy Association, Director of Fuzhou No. 1 Experimental School, Director of Linchuan No. 1 Experimental School. Served as a member of the Fujian Provincial CPPCC, a member of the Quanzhou CPPCC, and a member of the Shishi CPPCC Standing Committee.

   He founded the honorary brand in 2001 and opened more than 20 chain hotels across the country. Because of the accurate positioning of the hotel, the excellent product quality, and the good management, every family's business is prosperous and word-of-mouth transmission. The honor group with Hu Lianrong as the core is becoming an international "hotel aircraft carrier", rapidly moving from Fujian to the whole country, forming a "honor chain phenomenon" that has attracted the attention of the industry. Its diversified honorary real estate projects are also developing healthily. Nearly 10 real estate projects have been developed with a construction area of ​​millions of square meters. While achieving good economic benefits, Honor Group has not forgotten to repay the society and has donated tens of millions of yuan to support the construction and development of cultural and educational undertakings, sports undertakings, undertakings for the disabled, poverty alleviation and disaster relief and other public welfare undertakings. As Mr. Hu Lianrong has outstanding achievements in his career, and has been committed to the development of social welfare undertakings as always, he has been well received by all walks of life. He has been rated as a model worker in the national tourism system, the first ten outstanding Jiangxi businessmen in China, and ten outstanding young entrepreneurs in Fujian Province. , "May 1st" Labor Medal winner, 30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up, Quanzhou Economic Outstanding Person, 2009 Outstanding Person of the Haixi Economic Year, 2010 Top Ten Persons in China's Catering Industry, 2011 Outstanding Entrepreneur of Fujian Province, Awarded in 2013 "Shishi Honorary Citizen", the Top Ten Jiangxi Merchants of Outstanding Back Home Entrepreneurship in 2014, and the Excellent Jiangxi Merchants of Jiangxi Province Returning Investment in 2017 and 2018.

   Heart Sangzi, return home. Donate to school, repair bridges and roads, and assist public utilities such as rural health centers. In 2009, the hometown invested 570 million yuan in the construction of Jiangxi Fuzhou Honor International Hotel and Rong Mansion residential quarters. The tax amount paid reached 60 million yuan and nearly 1,000 people were employed. In 2015, it invested 200 million yuan to develop Jiutian Lijing Community in Fengxin, Jiangxi. In 2016, he returned to his hometown to invest more than 100 million yuan in Fuzhou No. 1 Middle School Experimental School and Linchuan No. 1 Middle School Experimental School. In 2017, it will invest about 400 million yuan in Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province to build the Ruijin Honor International Hotel, and it is expected that 600 people will be employed. In 2018, it will invest about 500 million yuan in Ruichang City, Jiangxi Province to build Ruichang Honor International Hotel, which is expected to arrange 600 jobs.

His calligraphy works have successively won the "National Wang Anshi Award" calligraphy contest entry award sponsored by the Chinese Calligraphers Association; the Chinese Calligraphers Association "student works" outstanding works award; the second "Jade Rabbit Greeting Spring National Poems, Calligraphy, Painting and Printing Competition" one First prize; "Contemporary Xizhi Award" gold medal; "Poyang Lake Cup" first prize; "Yanhuang Cup International Poetry, Calligraphy and Printing Art Competition" first prize; second "Wang Duo Cup National Calligraphy Competition" gold medal; the first "Cai Wenji National "Calligraphy Competition" and many other awards. In July 2014, he was absorbed as a member by the Chinese Calligraphers Association.

  Company Profile


Honor International Group was founded in 2001. It is a large-scale chain enterprise that expands and operates in a variety of business formats such as the hotel department, real estate department, education department, and commercial trade department. At present, the group has opened more than 20 "honor" brand hotels in Beijing, Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi and other provinces and cities; the group has developed nearly 10 real estate projects, with a construction area of ​​millions of square meters. Now the group has more than 15,000 employees and has an annual tax payment of several hundred million yuan. It has developed into a hotel chain brand with greater domestic influence and high recognition by the people in East China.

Honor International Group and its subsidiaries have successively obtained China Well-known Trademarks, International Food and Beverage Stores, National Special Class Restaurants, Chinese Food and Beverage Stores, China Top 100 Catering Brand Enterprises, China Top Ten Catering Chain Brands, China Top 50 Dinner Companies, and a member of the World Golden Key Hotel Alliance , Golden Leaf Class Green Tourist Hotel, Fujian Provincial Enterprise Known Name and many other honors.

  Honor International Group has a group of experienced management teams; a group of skilled chefs and a team of loyal and united employees. The humanized and standardized management of the group has always run through the honorary people's entrepreneurial spirit of continuous progress, courage to innovate, leading excellence, and the pursuit of perfection. Always focus on building an honorable hotel brand, based on honesty and kindness, advocating the business philosophy of "high-star service and popular consumption", and becoming a professional brand enterprise in the hotel industry.

While achieving good economic benefits, "Honor" has not forgotten to repay the society. Over the years, it has continued to donate tens of millions of yuan to support the construction and development of cultural and educational undertakings, sports undertakings, undertakings for the disabled, poverty alleviation and disaster relief funds... and other public welfare undertakings. Love Rewards and praise from all walks of life.