Xiamen Honor State Banquet Building "Starts Off"

2013-01-10 00:00:00
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Summary:The trial operation only took place on January 9, but the large-scale banquet reservations during the trial operation of the Honor State Banquet Building of Xiamen Honor International

  The trial operation only took place on January 9, but the large-scale banquet reservations during the trial operation of the Honor State Banquet Building of Xiamen Honor International Hotel are hot. It is understood that as the honor brand gradually gains popularity, more and more new and old customers come here, and hosting a banquet in honor has also become a "honor choice" for banqueters.

  "Honor" brand wins popular support

  The fate of Xiamen composer Ye Hongmin and honor cannot be explained in a few sentences. In 2009, when Xiamen Honor Seafood Restaurant just landed in Gulf Park, the first wedding banquet received was Ye Hongmin’s son’s banquet. “Honor is very famous in southern Fujian.” Ye Hongmin told reporters that he had been exposed to Honor before that, and felt that This hotel is not only high-grade, but also good in service. The dishes are also in line with the taste of southern Fujian, and it has an excellent reputation in Fujian.

  For Ye Hongmin, the children's wedding banquet is only once in a lifetime, and the guests are important relatives and friends, and the reception is naturally indispensable. Choosing honor is not only the result of careful consideration, but also a natural choice. The honor did not disappoint Ye Hongmin. "The child's wedding banquet was very successful." Ye Hongmin said. After that banquet, his satisfaction with the honor and his favorability increased again. "The credibility of the hotel is also very good. Every detail is well done. If there is a banquet, I will choose honor."

  This time his lover held a wedding banquet, Ye Hongmin did not hesitate to recommend Xiamen Honor International Hotel. Therefore, the wedding banquet of singer Zhang Hao became the first wedding banquet in the State Banquet Building. "State banquet class" banquet reconstruction story For Zhang Hao and his wife, holding a special wedding on Xiamen's most beautiful coastline is a good beginning for the success of the wedding banquet.

  On the golden island of Xiamen, Huandao Road is a scarce resource. The hotels here have been labeled as high-end, private, romantic, etc., and the honorary state banquet building of Xiamen Honor International Hotel, which demonstrates quality and nobility, is even more so His own grace, luxury, and meticulous craftsmanship set off the dazzling brilliance of this wedding banquet. Entering the wedding banquet scene, you have to shock the magnificent grand banquet hall. The classic red background carpet sets off the celebration of the wedding; under the radiance of flowers and lighting, it looks generous without losing warmth and style without losing romance. In this venue with the most advanced VOD system, lighting and sound equipment, because there is enough space to use, a T stage was set up at the wedding banquet site to interact with the guests, and the large LED display screen broadcasts the sweetness of the newcomers live, making The whole audience has a higher degree of adhesion and a stronger breath. "Such a venue is hard to find in the whole city." Ye Hongmin said, the decoration style and grade of the Honor State Banquet Building are very popular among Minnan people. For the guests participating in the banquet, the honorable parking lot for 300 cars also ensures the convenience of the customers.

  "Honor" is well-known nationwide

  Honor has not been developing in Xiamen for too long. However, Honor has its own unique business model and operating system, with excellent dishes and excellent service. After the experience was successfully replicated, the honor became an instant hit on Xiamen Island, which is full of restaurants, and the brand influence was "immediate." In a very short period of time, the honor restaurant has become the "brand catering" in the hearts of Xiamen people, and the consumption concept of "feeling honor, first honor" has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. During this period of time, Honor just won the "China Well-known Trademark", which is evident in the recognition of its brand by the people.

  Not long after the news of the upcoming opening of the Honor State Banquet Building of Xiamen Honor International Hotel was released, and orders were rushing, new and old customers rushed to experience the “Platinum Five-Star” “State Banquet”. Therefore, the Honor State Banquet Building has not yet been opened for trial operation and large-scale banquets. It was almost full, and the New Year's Eve dinner reservations were surprisingly hot.

  It is understood that the Honor State Banquet Building is a professional hotel catering, with more than 700 different dishes for guests to choose from. The restaurant employs domestic first-class gold chefs to supervise the cooking by the Chinese culinary master and China's top ten famous chefs, Hu Manrong, to ensure the high quality and high standards of the banquet. Many of the main chefs have received professional training for state banquets in the Great Hall of the People, and the overall division of labor has formed a very fine assembly line. Some chefs are even responsible for only one or two dishes.

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