Dancing Meiling Honor STYLE

2013-01-08 00:00:00
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Summary:Heroic heroine song in the flourishing age, charming red makeup dance style. On the 26th of last month, the Wanda Plaza was very lively, the music shocked the audience, sometimes singing and

  Heroic heroine song in the flourishing age, charming red makeup dance style. On the 26th of last month, the Wanda Plaza was very lively, the music shocked the audience, sometimes singing and dancing. Sometimes laughter, and sometimes applause. Where is this performance? When I walked in, it turned out to be a large-scale song and dance competition to promote "Building a Harmonious Jinjiang and Building a Harmonious Meiling".

  It is understood that the organizer of this event is Meiling Sub-district. There are 15 participating teams, all from large and small enterprises and various units in the Meiling community. The performances and styles are different. There are traditional Chinese martial arts Tai Chi, belly dancing for young people, and square dancing for old people. Their vivid and vivid performances feasted the eyes of all the audience present, and they shouted a lot of applause.

  "Isn't this the most popular Jiangnan Style this year"? "Why are there chefs in this horseback riding dance?" "This idea is really different!" It was the audience watching these words. The reporter walked in and took a look. This model really shines. The little girls in red and yellow clothes twisted their bodies from time to time and changed their formations from time to time; while the boys in the team, dressed in the costumes of hotel chefs, walked in fantasy ghost steps, put on chef hats, and played with small shovel; standing The one imitating Uncle Bird at the front is even more alike. Wearing sunglasses and dancing, he is not inferior to the real Uncle Bird. The audience was so excited that they shouted loudly. Finally, the reporter witnessed that the honorary Chinese version of "Jiangnan Style" performed by the Jinjiang Honor Hotel team won the best style award from the organizing committee.

  Seeing such a distinctive performance, the reporter walked into the middle of them in order to better understand the team after the game. The reporter learned that it was not easy to get such a good result. In order to achieve the effect, they not only insisted on using their spare time to train for more than a month, and never neglected it through rain or shine, and did not give up practicing even before the game. In order to achieve better visual effects, professional dance teacher Lin was specially invited to guide the training. The creative process is also twists and turns, changing while acting, changing while comparing, and finally determine the best formation and performance style.

  "Why do you choose the role of chef to be included in this dance? Does the shovel in the hands of the dancers have any special significance?" After the game, the reporter interviewed the team captain, Miss Zhu Liling. "Jiangnan Style is the most popular dance this year, but we don't like to imitate others completely. We must have our own characteristics, especially when we are engaged in the hotel service industry. The hotel takes catering as the leader and incorporates the role of chef into this dance. , Can reflect the good looks of the hotel staff who are vigorous and motivated. The clean dress means that the products we provide are clean and hygienic. The dancing shovel means that we are cooking and serving with heart.” The captain replied.

  It is reported that the average age of the performers of this team is only 18 years old. In order to understand them better, the reporter walked into them. "How do you feel about this competition?" The reporter asked the most lively and lovely Lin Yuanyuan. "I have never been on such a large stage, nor have I participated in a competition. At first, I felt a little stressed, but later, the better I jumped, the more I jumped, the more I felt. This competition let me know that hard work is rewarding. Know what the power of a team is." She replied. "It's not easy to come first today, what do you think?" The reporter interviewed the youngest Jiang Hui'e next. "When I started to learn this dance, I knew nothing. The movements were very stiff, and I couldn’t let go of my hands and feet. However, under the careful guidance of the teacher, I never gave up. I kept insisting. Finally, I slowly changed and I danced more naturally. , More relaxed, thank my teacher and sister Hongyan very much, they gave me confidence and strength and made me progress.” Finally, the reporter asked Guo Hao, the chef and dancer in this performance, “Young man, you did a good job today. , What makes you so powerful. This young man replied: "It mainly stems from my hobby of dancing. I used to practice often at school. I didn’t expect to be able to compete even after I participate in work. Thanks to the hotel Let me grow, thank our honor for giving me the greatest confidence, let me realize that creation is not so incredible, as long as you work hard, you will gain. "Just after answering, a shy smile appeared on the young man's face.

  The reporter also understands that at this year’s Spring Festival Gala in the hotel, they are also planning to bring this program to the Spring Festival Gala, and they want to share their success with friends from the entire group. We also look forward to seeing their wonderful performances at the Spring Festival Gala. This group of lovely dancers, with their profession and their wonderful performances, is really unimaginable! Yes, life is not without beauty, but lack of discovery. Just like life, as long as we have confidence and work hard, we can usher in the dawn of hope.